Projects (Personal/Client)

Available for hire!

Minform.io (personal) external

Free no-code form builder with doc like editor. Currently working on this fulltime.

Teeela.com (client) external

Helped this e-commerce startup to grow from 0 from $5M+/ARR. Initially built a mobile app in react-native (2018). Now handling their internal apps - customized giftwrap, page-builder and 3PL warehousing system.

Imgsquash (archived) external

Open source image compressor website written in next.js with easy to deploy on google cloud. Initially launched as a sideproject on imgsquash back then.


Current website, completely headless using next.js with custom admin backend. Using tiptap for editor

Hreftools (discontinued) external

I created this website as a playground for small web tools. Got 2K+ upvotes on reddit at that time and featured on frontpage of hackernews at no 2.

Admin Templates (themeforest) external

Admin templates I created few years back to be sold on themeforest. Earned more than $10K+ within a year of launch. Unmaintained now.